Heavy Metals

Heavy Metals

Heavy Metal Toxicity Chart

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24     1
Group     Aluminum Al
     Antimony Sb
     Arsenic As
     Barium Ba
     Beryllium Be
     Bismuth Bi
     Cadmium Cd
     Chromium Cr
     Cobalt Co
     Copper Cu
     Indium In
     Iron Fe
     Pb Lead
     Li Lithium
     Mn Manganese
     Hg Mercury
     Ni Nickel
     P Phosphorous
     Pt Platinum
     Se Selenium
     Ag Silver
     Tl Thallium
     Sn Tin
     Zn Zinc
Mes     1
week     1
Level     -3

Shared dowsing chart by zvegelj, the 03/17/2020 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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