Epic accuracy pendulum properties

Epic accuracy pendulum properties

What are the most vital properties you need for your perfect pendulum?

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TITLE: MENTAL ATTITUDE     1. M E N T A L A T T I T U D E - f o c u s u p o n . . .
Mental attitude - focus on     Affirmations
     Accuracy Demand
     Charging Pendulum
     Inner skill Increase
     Inner child Reset
     Letting Go
     Non Presuming
     Private Interests
     Query Repeat
     Response Demands
     The sun
     Serving Others
     Written Queries
     Source Energy
     The universe
     Your Chakras
     4. OTHER
Physical Pendulum Properties     COLOUR Chakra Random Multi
     COLOUR Primary Muted Mixed Tones
     COLOUR Natural Stained Coated
     DIMENSIONS Size Weight Ratio Volume
     FINISH Matt Semi-Gloss Mirror
     FINISH Natural Stain Plated Coated Mixed
     MATERIAL Single Mixed Smashed
     MATERIAL Crafted Mass
     MATERIAL Natural Synthetic
     MATERIAL Stone Metal Mixed Other
     NEW Used Heirloom Occasion
     SHAPE Raw Shaped Drilled
     SHAPE Geometric Complex Mixed
     SHAPE Curved Linear Other
     SHAPE Symmetrical Asymmetrical
     TEXTURE Plain Pattern Matt Gloss
     TRANSPARENCY Opacity Semi
     O T H E R
     COLOUR Beaded Chain 7 Chakra Multi Single
     COLOUR Beaded Chain Shaped Raw Mixed
     COLOUR Metallic Varied Natural Multi
     DIMENSIONS Thickness Width Breadth Volume
     FINISH Matt Semi-Gloss Mirror
     FINISH Natural Plated Coated Mixed
     FLEXIBILITY Stiff Pliable Soft
     MATERIAL Stone Metal Mixed Other
     MATERIAL Single Beads Mixed Other
     MATERIAL Single Size Weight Mixed Other
     NEW Used DYI Heirloom
     CLOTHING Colour Weight Texture other
     ROOM Aroma Size Light Volume other
     ROOM Floor # Temp Noise Electric
     O T H E R
0 - 100     c.0
0 - 50     b.0

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