Buying clothes

Buying clothes

Check before purchasing clothing

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Group     Perfect fit
     Too tight
     Too loose/big
     Too short
     Too long
     Around the waist
     Around the bust/chest
     In the leg
     100% Happy outcome
     Bigger size
     Smaller size
     95 % Happy outcome
     Not happy with
     Doesn't suit
     In the arm
     Too baggy
     Needs adjustments/alterations
     Around the hip
     Better options available
     Hard to get on/off
     Zipper/button/closure issue
     Delivery issue
     Out of stock
     Doesn't reflect picture
     Alternative is preferable
     Bust/chest area
     Too low
     Poor quality
     Sent wrong
     Looks frumpy on
     Looks better on
     Less than 90% Happy outcome
     Return/cancel required
     Not quite right
     Unsuitable for purpose
     Too revealing
     Shows up cellulite/lumps/bumps
     Too transparent/see-through
     Covers nicely
     Discounts/vouchers available
     Not as expected
     Better than expected
     Creases easily
     Wait for better deal/option
     Mistakes in order
     Too narrow
     Too wide
     Too thin (fabric)
     Won't match
     To be discontinued
     Good time to buy
     Won't receive (in time)
     Doesn't wash well
     Horrible to iron

Shared dowsing chart by Samulvihill, the 01/11/2024 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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