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Group     Amazonite
     Green aventurine
     Flower Blossom Agate
     Black Turmalin
     Pink Aragonite
     Lapis Lazuli
     Blue Aragonite
     Tiger eye
     Yellow Calcite
     Red Jasper
     Blue Calcite
     Moss Agate
     Rose Quartz
     Green Calcite
     Mangano Calcite
     Crazy Lace Agate
     Milky Quartz
     Moon stone
     Black Agate
     Orange Calcite
     Black Shpinel
     Green Jasper
     Blue Lace Agate
     Watermelon Turmaline

Shared dowsing chart by ShivaShakt789, the 12/16/2023 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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