House clearing questions

House clearing questions

37 Points to Heal The Home

Classified in : Geobiology

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Group     Ghosts, Trapped or Tricky Spirits
     Detrimental, Inappropriate attachments
     Human Manifested Energy Form
     Lower Animal Life Form
     Black Magic
     Psychic Cords
     4th Dimensional Portal
     Water Veins / Underground Streams
     Earth Energy Lines
     Toxic Lines
     Reversal Point
     Fractured Soul
     Stress Disturbance Line (man-Made)
     Ley Lines / Holy Lines
     Energy Spiral
     Sink Hole
     Karmic Problems
     Human Conflict or Emotional Energy Area
     Power Artifact
     Technopathic Stress
     Guardian Of Site / Spirit of Place
     Place Memory
     Tree Spirits
     Animal Spirits
     Spirit Lines
     Chakra Balancing or Blockage
     Anything Else Running Through Site
     Fabric of the Building
     Curses or Spells
     Human Interferance Line
     Psychic Attack
     Earth Accupunture Needed
     Telluric Energy Portal
     Cosmic Energy Portal
     Place to heal or Meditate

Shared dowsing chart by energyshifter, the 02/28/2024 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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Determine the entity you encounter

House Environment

To detect in which room a problem is located in the house.

Geopathic Stress B Man made

For peaceful sleeping space

Tree Care

Disease detection on trees

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