Chart of Diagnosis

Chart of Diagnosis

A chart helping you to identity the source of the problems.

Classified in : Dowsing Health Care

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Source of Problems     Sorcery Witchcraft
     Satanic Competition
     Evil Eye
     Genies Possession
     Treaty Genies-Human
     Friendship Genies-Human
     Ego Enslaved
     Devil On Solo
     Extraterrestrial Alien
     Solar Beast
Letters     A
Reason of attacks      Temple
Location     International
     Fun ground
People     Mother
     Social Media
Solution     Sacred Book
     Exorcism Prayers
     God's Attributes
     Messenger's Attributes

Shared dowsing chart by Muhammad, the 10/23/2020 -  Licence CC BY

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Updated the chart once again to include "Magician".

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Subtil offers a biometer generator and a space to share dowsing charts.

All the charts available on the site can be freely downloaded and printed

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