Chart of chakras

Chart of chakras

12 Chakra chart with open/closed strength indicator overlay. -50 being as wide/fast as a pendulum can spin Anticlockwise (opposite direction than nature intended, aka closed). 0 or 'on the line' is when the pendulum moves in a straight line, caught between yin and yang. +50 indicates a hyperactive open, which maybe an energy leak, or unhealthy otherwise on the other side of the spectrum as well . Verify your dowsing by holding your pendulum 2-4 inches above the location on your physical body (or a friend's :D)

The energy of the chakra should start to pull the pendulum clockwise or Anticlockwise. If you're a beginner try giving it a bit of neutral motion (back and forth) so the energy can start the spin.

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New group 2     Total Blockage
     Major Blockage
     Significant Blockage
     Notable Blockage
     Slight Blockage
     Weak Closure
     Weak, But Open
     Average Open
     Strong Open
     Very Strong
     Hyperactive Open
     Max Clockwise Swing
Open / Closed %     -50
      0 - on the Line -
New group 3     CHAKRA HEALTH (Clockwise indicates Open, Anticlockwise indicates Closed)
CHAKRA NAME     Earth Star Chakra
     Base Chakra
     Sacral Chakra
     Solar Chakra
     Heart Chakra
     Throat Chakra
     Ajna Chakra
     Crown Chakra
     Soul Star Chakra

Shared dowsing chart by JustEnjoyTheRide, the 01/24/2024 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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