Source of the problem

Source of the problem

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Plans     Psychic plane
     Material plane
     Interior plane
     Physical plane
     Spiritual plane
     Energy plane
     Other Plane
Causes     Family, Friend
     Profession, Business
     Shock, Accident
     Trauma, Abuse
     Couple Relationship
     Way of life
     Poison, Toxin, Allergen
     Place of life
     Disconnected from feelings
     Too Much Mind, Thinking
     Self love
     Managing emotions
     Genetic factors
     Vaccine, Heavy metals
     Bacteria, Virus, Fungus
     Raduiation exposure
     Treatment, Medicine
     Mistaken belief
     Self imposed limitation
     Dogmatism, Extremism
     Disconnection from the True Self
     Rejection of spirituality
     Connection, Anchor
     Mission of life
     Manipulation, Bewitchment
     Dependencies, Links
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Shared dowsing chart by yannickevenas, the 07/18/2023 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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