House plant health

House plant health

How healthy is my plant?
What is wrong with my plant?

Classified in : Geobiology

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Take Action     Express More Love and Attention
     Play Healing Music or Frequencies
     Add Nutrients/ Fertilizer
     Add Drainage to Pot
     Move Away from Heat
     Move Closer to Sunlight
     Increase Humidity
     Prune/Trim Dead Parts
Problem Labels     Bugs/Mites
     Fungal Infection
     Water Spots
     Water Deficiency
     Water Quality
     Over Watering
     Negative Energy
     In Shock
     Root Rot
     Root Bound
     Nutrient Deficiency
     Deficiency of Sunlight
     Pot Too Small
     Pot Too Large
Level of Health     Critical

Shared dowsing chart by TBDowserCT, the 02/18/2023 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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