Cosmic Consciousness Light Codes

Cosmic Consciousness Light Codes

Stellar light codes

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Group     Canopus/Shungite Earth school, old souls&belonging
     Vega/Prehnite Epidote/sensitive souls & sound healing
     Aldebaran/Petalite Higher purpose & spiritual practice
     Galactic centre/Zebra rock Cosmic consciousness&mothering
     Andromeda/Covellite-Authenticity & expansion
     Omega Centauri/Elestial Quartz-star seeds & surrender
     Spica/Apophyllite-Hermit, Manifesting &receiving
     Polaris/Blue halite Freedom, initiation, rebirth, true north
     Fomalhaut/Moldavite Addiction, body, global work,connection
     Arcturus/Stibnite Into 5D, lightwork, boundaries
     Alcyone/Menalite-Pleiades, Synthesis, Gaia, Goddess
     Skat/Galaxite-blessings Healing, abundance
     Sirius/Cavansite-Divine mother Renewal, the sun, signs
     Sadalsuud/Barite-luck, Discernment, yin, pronoia
     Betelgeuse/Nebula stone-quickening, Shine, transmission, the unconscious
     Regulus/Phenacite - heart/soul Wisdom&justice, balance, embodiment
     Antares/Sphalerite freedom warrior vs cultic systems of power, fire
     Alpha Centauri/Rutilated quartz Spiritual protection & support, Chiron

Shared dowsing chart by agni, the 12/21/2020 -  Licence CC BY

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