Dream response

Dream response

Updated since the last time. The focus is now the Higher Self.

Classified in : Dowsing Subtle world

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New group 1     A personal encouragement to open up
     A personal message from the Higher Self
     Ask the Higher Self to contact the person
     Ask the Higher Self to enlighten the person
     Ask the Higher Self to help the person
     Ask the Higher Self for personal enlightenment
     Ask the Higher Self to rescue the person
     Ask the Higher Self to visit the person
     Ask the Higher Self to warn the person
     For personal contemplation
     It is for personal encouragement
     It is for personal enlightenment
     It is for personal motivation
     It is for personal prophecy
     It is for personal warning
     Personal encouragement to help for the person
     Personally alert the person
     Personally speak to the person
     Physically rescue the person
     Pray for the person
     Profile the person
     Request a message for the person
     Request a blessing for the person
     Request comfort for the person
     Request dream interpretation
     Request physical healing for the person
     Request protection for the person
     Request spiritual healing for the person
     Request personal blessings
     Request personal guidance
     Send an email to the person
     Send encouragement
     The person needs comfort
     Use the scrying bowl
     You had a conversation with that spirit

Shared dowsing chart by Christopher_Bothma, the 11/21/2022 -  Licence CC BY

To discover


Persons in your life

Angelic pre-dowse & status

The chart was updated based on our communication with our personal Archangel. Use the chart to determine your status prior to and during dowsing for accuracy.

Higher self dialogue

Basic dialogue with our Higher Self to maintain a healthy relationship, which is the primary requisite in our lives.

Angelic colours

The chart was created to determine the colours of the 81 Archangels in the other charts. There are only colour descriptions of a few Archangels.

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