Noxious Energy - Electromagnetic fields (EMF)

Noxious Energy - Electromagnetic fields (EMF)

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Group     Bluetooth Radiation
     Computer Radiation
     Cordless Phone (DECT)
     Caesium Chloride
     Computer Radiation
     Cosmic Radiation
     Electric Blanket
     Electronic Power Supply
     Fluorescent light
     Fukushima soil nuclear power Japan
     Halogen Light  
     High Voltage Power Line
     High Voltage Pylon
     Household wiring
     Infrared Radiation
     LED light
     Luna (moon)
     Magnetic field
     Mobile phone 900mHz
     Mobile phone 1800mHz
     Mobile Phone 3G Tower
     Mobile Phone 4G Tower
     Mobile Phone 5G Tower
     MRI Scan
     North Pole
     Power Pole Transformer
     Radium Bromide (radioactive)
     Radium Iodide
     Smart Meter Radiation
     Solar Radiation
     South Pole
     Static Electricity
     Strontium Carbonate
     Tetra Mast Radiation
     TV Emanations
     Ultra-High Frequency (UHF)
     Ultrasound Vaginal
     Ultraviolet Light
     Broadband Emission
     WiFi 2.3 GHz
     WiFi 5 GHz

Shared dowsing chart by Kemila, the 04/11/2021 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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