Psychic shielding & discernment

Psychic shielding & discernment

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Group     5%
New group 1     12D shield
     Closure process
     Phase out process
     Invoke Divine protection
     Soul family support
     Clear resistance/blocks to self-preservation
     Flip death drive to life drive program
     Activate self-healing & self-shielding responses
     Free will divine right to Be: Restore Divine natural lore & Divine natural order awareness
     White light bubble invocation & intent
     Full aura clearing & repair
     Full boundaries restore & rebuild
     Moving into heart-soul essence awareness/clearing Higher Heart
     Activate original Divine blueprint
     Restore pranic connection to Self/ ongoing pranic repair/nutrition
     Activate natural lightbody
     Clear all artificial/discordant implants/tech/DNA
     Restore 0 point
     Clear 100% imposition/coercion programs & entities
     Regulate nervous system/restore autonomy & control to sovereign being
     Flip from internalising energy to emanating True Essence
     Prime Directive rights: there is only one power
     Full memory/soul split recovery, integration & healing
     Upgrade consciousness level of HS & guides
     Support from unconditionally loving beings with speciall skillsets
     Palo santo/sage/salt/ frequency/vibration clearing devices/ orgonite
     Invoke & reconnect with power animal
     Sacred geometry feng shui
     Restore safety & integrity of the vehicle

Shared dowsing chart by agni, the 12/21/2020 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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