Herbs: adaptogenic, anti-inflammatory, immune, autoimmune, antihistamine

Herbs: adaptogenic, anti-inflammatory, immune, autoimmune, antihistamine

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Group     ADAPTOGENIC^ (Modulators)
     Ginseng American/Chinese
     Licorice (adapt, anti-infl,autoim) increases natural cortisol
     Gotu Kola (adapt, thyroid stim)
     Devil's Claw (joint anti-infl)
     White Willow Bark
     Cat's Claw (anti-infl, adapt, antiox)
     Boswellia (anti-infl, nervine, antiox)
     Holy Basil/Tulsi
     Rosemary (antioxid, anti-infl)
     Valerian Root (severe pain)
     Dandelion (diuretic)
     Echinacea (Immune Modulator)
     Wild Indigo (Baptisia)
New group 1     ADAPTOGENIC

Shared dowsing chart by WaxyHomeopath, the 01/11/2024 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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