Obstacles to cure

Obstacles to cure

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Group     Virus
     Stealth Pathogen
     Miasm/Ancestral Disease
     Antibiotics/Deficient Biome
     Deficient Enzymes
     Organ Deficiency/Excess
     Chakra Imbalance
     Glandular Deficiency/Excess
     Bioengineered Virus Acute
     Bioengineered Virus Chronic
     Spike Protein Damage
     System Congestion
     Parasympathetic NS
     Sympathetic NS
     Enteric NS
     Vegus Nerve
     Conduction Chemical
     Conduction Electrical
     Trauma Stuck
     Trauma Releasing
     Programming Childhood
     Programming Entities
     Soul Retrieval
     Entity Attachment
     Heavy Metals
     Protein/Amino Acids

Shared dowsing chart by TheIntuitiveHomeopath, the 01/11/2024 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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Updated the chart once again to include "Magician".

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