Lived in past lives

Lived in past lives

To find a trauma or an emotion experienced in a past life.

Translation from @monique

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Groupe     ruined
     impersonated identity
     injustice / condemnation
     moral / physical torture
     evil spell
     torture (hot iron, funnel etc)
     bogged down (quicksand, mud etc)
     tear apart
     lack of love
     suicide (hara kiri)
     fall into the void
     devoured by animals / insects
     breach of trust
     pact with shadow
     pact, vows, oaths etc.
     hermit life
     nomadic life
     rejected something
     rituals (bound feet, giraffe woman, etc.)

Shared dowsing chart by yannickevenas, the 07/18/2023 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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