Structure of the latitudes within the cosmos

Structure of the latitudes within the cosmos

You are in the Domain and if you were to travel out to the Summit, you would go through the several structures and layers, narrowing up to the single One at the outer most rim of all creation. If someone has a powerful telescope, he would be able to see the outer rim without any obscurities.

When there is an expansion, new Domains are formed within the Domain and the existing Domain is renamed, and all the Latitudes expand.

If you put yourself into the Great void and observed the Cosmos, you would see the Respiration of the Cosmos as it expand and simplify. The expanding is to a greater degree than the simplifying so it is constantly growing.

There is no Darkside presence at Gehenna and upwards.

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New group 1     Domain *You are here* (24 per Sage)
     Sage (24 per Collosal)
     Collosal (24 per Maternal)
     Maternal (24 per Mammoth)
     Mammoth (24 per Jitterie)
     Jitterie (24 per Preserve)
     Preserve (24 per Gush)
     Gush (24 within the Firmament)
     Tween (24 per Deliberate)
     Deliberate (24 per Viscacha)
     Viscacha (24 per Grip)
     Grip (24 per Thout)
     Thout (24 per Ergo)
     Ergo (24 per Furour)
     Furour (24 per Pastel)
     Pastel (24 within the Firmament)
     Gradual (24 per Fiery)
     Fiery (24 per Threw)
     Threw (24 per Immaculate)
     Immaculate (24 per Gehenna)
     Gehenna (24 per Transmit)
     Transmit (24 per Aside)
     Aside (24 per Article)
     Article (24 per Righteousness)
     Righteousness (24 within One
     One (Outer rim of all Creation)
     The Great Void (for expansion)

Shared dowsing chart by Jubbles, the 05/30/2022 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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