Dowse the activity status of your Chakras, one by one. If underactive or overactive, match this perhaps, to the properties of your Pendulum. Wishing you, your clients, your family and friends, optimum health always !
How are your chakras?

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TITLE - Names Main     ROOT
     3 RD EYE
TITLE - Names Hindu     Muladhara
Meanings     SECURITY Grounded Survival Stability "I Am"
     SENSUALITY Relationships Well-Being Pleasure "I Feel"
     STRENGTH Confidence Power Self Worth "I Do"
     EMOTIONS Joy Sincerity Inner Peace "I Love "
     COMUNICATE Expression Honesty Truth "I Say "
     INTUITION Imagination Vision Wisdom "I See"
     SPIRITUALITY To Source Consciousness Inspiration "I Understand"
Border Over / Underactive     
Underactive or overactive     underactive
Percent     -10%

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