Biodynamic preparations

Biodynamic preparations

A chart for biodynamic preparations

Classified in : Dowsing Geobiology

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Gruppe     Horn Manure 500
     Horn Silica 501
     Horn Clay
     Horn Basalt
     Horn Agnihotra ash
     Horsetail 508
     Compost prep 502 (yarorrow)
     Compost prep 503 (chamonmile)
     Compost prep 504 (nettle)
     Compost prep 505 (oak bark)
     Compost prep 506 (dandelion)
     Compost prep 507 (valerian)
     Maria Thun Barrel Prep.
     Biodynamic tree paste

Shared dowsing chart by folker, the 02/20/2020 - licence CC0

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