Homeopathy remedy 4 sight improvement

Homeopathy remedy 4 sight improvement

Chart to identify top homeopathy remedies to Improve yours or your clients' / friends' / families' eyesight and vision, safely and naturally.

Classified in : Naturopathy Health Care

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     H O M E O P A T H Y F O R E Y E S I G H T I M P R O V E
     g e n e r i c
The Remedies     Ruta graveolens
     Viola Odorata
     Oleum Animale
     Agaricus Muscarius
     Lilium Tigrinum
     Kalium phosphoricum
     Natum muriaticum
     Nux vomica
     Zincum mettalicum
     OTHER (research)
Description     For eyestrain, Myopia w Severe Headache
     Good Medicine for Myopia, retinal hemorrhage
     For Myopia w Pain in Eyes
     Leading Remedy for Myopia
     One of the most Effective Medicines for Myopia
     another effective medicine for Myopia
     best for Myopia, astigma, ciliary muscles
     swelling, pain, allergy eyes, heat & pressure sensation
     itchy eyes, burning sensation or irritation
     improve corneal health, corneal healing and vitality
     general dryness, redness, itchiness & irritation
     health of the optic nerve
     weak vision, health of optic nerve
     eye pain as well as cloudy vision
     health of the eye
     dryness, light intolerance pain
     sensation of foreign body in eye
     pain and headache
TITLE - effectiveness rating     E F F E C T I V E N E S S
Colour rating     
Number rating fine     1

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