Past life roles

Past life roles

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Group     Royalty, Aristocrat, Ruler
     Doctor, Nurse, other Medical
     Student, Teacher, Professor
     Slave Master
     Peasant, Farmer
     Servant, Slave
     Scientist, Explorer
     Politician, Diplomat
     Housewife, Mother
     Swindler, Thief
     Policeman, Detective
     Beggar, Homeless
     Prisoner, Prison Warder
     Gambler, Bookmaker
     Priest, Holy man/woman, Hermit
     Visionary, Witch/Wizard, Psychic
     Fool, Mentally subnormal
     Patriarch, Matriarch
     Artist, Sculptor, Photographer
     Actor, Dancer, Stage performer
     Clerk, Accountant
     Journalist, Reporter
     Athlete, Sports person
     Engineer, Inventor
     Other Role

Shared dowsing chart by quetzal9, the 02/18/2023 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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