Colors personality wheel

Colors personality wheel

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Group     Blue
New group 2     
New group 1     Blue Appeals to intelligent & trustworthy people. Their charming nature makes others love to be around them.
     Lovers of Red tend to be confident & determined. Their desire to live life fully makes them prone to be bold, extroverted & expressive
     People who like purple are creative knowledgeable, & mysterious. They follow their keen intuition, which is rarely wrong
     People fond of orange are good- natures, social & Ambitious. They show positivity and infectious enthusiam to those around them
     If you like yellow. chances are you're idealistic, attentive & fun. You're energetic and optimistic with a logical, Systematic approach to things
     A preference to Green usually means you're balanced & affectionate. A sense of adventure is well tempered by your peaceful nature
     Pink is the color of choice for the thoughtful soul with a playful streak. They're romantic & sensitive by nature.

Shared dowsing chart by Scarter1994, the 02/18/2023 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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Updated the chart once again to include "Magician".

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