Earth energies

Earth energies

Subtle Earth Energies

Classified in : Dowsing Geobiology

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Group     Negative Memory Spiral
     Reverse Spirals
     Energy Wells
     Sacred Site
     Earth Meridian
     Circle of Fire
     Circle of Water
     Circle of Air
     Circle of Earth
     Multi-Dimensional Portal
     Energy Vortex
     Noxious Vortex
     Land Spirit
     Tree Spirit
     Nature Spirit
     Imprint from Past Inhabitants
     Imprint from past Event
     Sacred Weave
     Ground Fault
     Wet Fault
     Dry Fault
     Wet/Dry Fault
     Underground Water
     Underground Stream
     Cosmic Energy Vortex
     Telluric Energy Vortex
     Hartman Grid
     Curry Grid
     Solar Net
     Needs Earth Acupuncture

Shared dowsing chart by energyshifter, the 12/16/2023 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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