Ad hoc chart

Ad hoc chart

I communicate with spirits all the time and the chart lets them express themselves

Classified in : Subtle world

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New group 1     I am afflicted
     I am bound
     I am dumbstruck
     I am feeling hurt
     I am fond of You
     I am fretful
     I am gravitated toward You
     I am indebted to You
     I am loyal
     I am most grateful
     I am pleased
     I am possessed
     I am regretful
     I am repentant
     I am sorry
     I am worried
     I appreciate You
     I appreciate Your forgiveness
     I couldn't control myself
     I feel ashamed
     I feel incomplete
     I feel insecure
     I feel lonely
     I feel lost
     I feel relieved
     I feel resentful
     I feel safe
     I feel violated
     I feel vulnerable
     I have repented
     I idolise You
     I like You
     I love You
     I miss family
     I missed you
     I need compensation
     I need deliverance
     I need grounding
     I need healing
     I need redemption
     I need restoration
     I need resurrection
     I need resuscitation
     I need revival
     I need to be whole
     I need to belong
     I need Your forgiveness
     I need Your Love
     I pledge loyalty to You
     I regret my actions
     I was abused
     I was assaulted
     I was assumptive
     I was bewitched
     I was foolish
     I was ignorant
     I was impulsive
     I was mislead
     I was not myself
     I was possessed
     I was spellbound
     I was thoughtless
     I was unaware
     I was violated
     Please forgive me
     Please restore me
     Thank you
     Thank You so much!
     You are Loved
     You are Sexy
     You are Valued
     You satisfy me

Shared dowsing chart by Christopher_Bothma, the 11/21/2022 -  Licence CC BY

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