Higher self idiocy distress 3

Higher self idiocy distress 3

Our Higher Selves are grieved about our ignorance and the chart guides you into reconciling with your Higher Self

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New group 1     Absent-mindedness of the Higher Self
     ALL affairs not made known to Higher Self
     Soul severed from Higher Self case
     Cut down on social media and entertainment
     Disregard for Higher Self Inspiration case
     Have quiet time to listen
     Higher Self craves snacks
     Higher Self desires to be happy
     Higher Self desires to be the best friend
     Higher Self desires to got get lost in love
     Higher Self dislikes Lower self being constipated
     Higher Self dislikes Lower self eating this food
     Higher Self feels bored and neglected
     Higher Self manifestation suppressed by Lower self
     Higher Self not glorified
     Higher Self desires to LODGE WITHIN the Lower self
     Lack of enthusiasm for the Higher Self
     Lack of faith in the Higher Self
     Lack of faithfulness to the Higher Self
     Lower self keyed-up soul case
     Lower self living in sin issue
     Lower self needs holistic healing
     Lower self physical infirmity case
     Lower self selfishness case
     Lower self separation from Higher Self
     Lower self to avoid medication
     Lower self to drink more water
     Lower self to eat healthily
     Lower self urged to be without reproach
     Misleading case against Lower self
     Mutual affliction case
     Mutual Oneness ignorance case
     Mutual oscillation dissonance
     Mutual resonance disorder
     Mutual resonance polarity inversion
     Mutual Self-confidence oppression
     Mutual synchronisation despair
     Mutual vibrational distress
     No communication regarding Lower self affairs
     Relationship obliterated by Higher Self
     Pineal gland calcification
     Pineal gland disability
     Please be High-spirited
     Please exercise
     Prioritise for the Higher Self
     Privacy intrusion
     Psychological dissonance
     Spiked mutual reassurance deficiency
     True value after the Higher Self hindrance
     Venomous verbal distraction accoutrement case

Shared dowsing chart by Jubbles, the 08/15/2022 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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Our Higher Selves are grieved about our ignorance and the chart guides you into reconciling with your Higher Self

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