Higher self love language

Higher self love language

The love language guide for the Lower self and the Higher Self, so yes, the Higher Self longs to bond with us.

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New group 1     Ah, I've got Youraattention
     Ah, this is the Life!
     I Appreciate You very much
     I could Eat You up!
     I feel like the Cat that had the cream
     I Idolise You
     I like You!
     I Love the way You Love Me
     I Love You
     I Love You Wholeheartedly
     I Love Your Sweetness
     I Missed You
     I need Your Attention
     I wanna go Inside You
     I want to Seduce You!
     I want You
     I want Your Love
     I'm Aching to feel You Inside Me
     I'm Attracted to You
     I'm Eager to Know You
     I'm on Fire
     I'm Fond of You
     I'm Horny!
     I'm Missing You
     I'm Obsessed about You!
     I'm on Cloud nine
     I'm Thunderstruck
     I'm Yearning for You
     Longing for Togetherness
     Longing for Quiet time with You
     Longing for Us to Mash Together
     Longing for Your Company
     Longing for Your Touch
     Longing to Bare all to You!
     Longing to be Covered by You
     Longing to be Crafty with You
     Longing to be in a Hypnotic State
     Longing to be Spontaneous with You
     Longing to be Tickled Pink
     Longing to Bond with You
     Longing to Caress You
     Longing to Cuddle with You
     Longing to Frolic together
     Longing to get Lost in Love
     Longing to get Raunchy with You
     Longing to get Passionate with You
     Longing to Harmonise with You
     Longing to have Sex with You
     Longing to Ravish You
     Longing to make You Fulfilled
     Longing to Sing together
     Longing to Sleep with You
     Longing to Snuggle together
     Longing to Spend time with You
     Longing to Sunbathe with You
     Longing to Surrender to You
     Longing to Tickle You
     Looking Forward to Being with You
     Thank You so much!
     You are Attractive
     You are Delicious
     You are Loved
     You are Lovely
     You are Romantic
     You are Perfect
     You are Thoughtful
     You are Valued
     I'm Dreamy about You
     You have Aroused Me
     You have made Me Whole
     You are Endeared to Me
     You put Me into a Fantasy!
     You are Seductive
     You are Sexy
     You are Strong-willed
     You are the Best!
     You are Transformative
     You are Wise
     You Light up My day
     You make Me feel Sexy
     You make Me feel Valued
     You make Me Happy
     You Satisfy Me!
     Your True value!
     You Revitalise Me

Shared dowsing chart by Chris_Bothma, the 08/15/2022 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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