Daily Dowsing for Yourself - Chart 2

Daily Dowsing for Yourself - Chart 2

More things to check and Clear or adjust for yourself on a regular basis.

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Group     Clear blocks in Root Chakra
     Clear blocks in Sacral Chakra
     Blocks in Solar Plexus Chakra
     Clear blocks in Heart Chakra
     Clear blocks in Throat Chakra
     Blocks in Third Eye Chakra
     Clear blocks in Crown Chakra
     Curse or Hex from someone
     Inherited Cause of an Issue
     Inherited Blocks to Success
     Inherited Blocks to Prosperity
     Inherited Blocks to Resolving an Issue
     Dark Forces in Auric Field
     Dark Forces in Body
     Dark Forces in Home
     Dark Forces where you wok
     Presence of any demonic Forces

Shared dowsing chart by ThisizMe927, the 01/27/2022 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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Things to check and adjust or optimize for yourself on a regular basis.

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