Spiritual healing patterns 2

Spiritual healing patterns 2

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Group     Endometriosis
     Energy balancing
     Energy boost
     Environmental sensitivity
     Environmental stress
     Environmental toxicity
     ED & impotence
     Etheric body adjustment
     Eye irritation
     Fear of rejection
     Feeling at ease
     Feeling at home in your body
     First aid
     Food poisoning
     Freedom from believing life is not worth living
     Freedom from believing life passed you by
     Clumsy and accident prone
     Freedom from believing you are dumb
     Freedom pattern
     Healing time flow
     Herpes simplex type 1
     Herpes simplex type 2
     Inner strength
     Insect bites
     Insect repellent
     Jet lag
     Joint injuries
     Leydig cells
     Lifted spirits
     Liver treatment
     Low self-esteem
     Lyme disease
     Manic depression
     Mental alertness
     Mental imbalance
     Motion sickness
     Muscle spasms
     Muscle strengthening
     Nausea and vomiting
     Nerve injuries
     Neutralising dental amalgams & fillings
     Obstacles to cure
     Opening the heart
     Operations - healing assistance
     Panic attacks
     Parkinson's disease
     Persistent cough
     Physical incontinence
     Physical injury
     Tension headache
     Tension release
     Throat sensitivity
     Throbbing headache
     Tired feet
     Too keyed up
     Traumatic events
     Creative Power Symbol

Shared dowsing chart by agni, the 12/21/2020 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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