Spiritual healing patterns 1

Spiritual healing patterns 1

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Group     Healing circle
     Power symbol
     Divine love
     I AM for LOVE
     Bluebird - Happiness
     Dragon - Spiritual awareness
     Eagle - Spiritual perception
     Hummingbird - Joy
     Platypus - Clear discordant beliefs
     Scarab beetle - Faith and life energy
     Turtle - Perseverance
     Wormwood - Eliminate negativity & parasites
     Abdominal cramps
     Ability to accept nourishment
     Accepting aging gracefully
     AIDS & HIV
     Addictive habits
     ALS - Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
     Arteries of the heart
     ADD & ADHD
     Back muscle spasms
     Bee stings
     Birthing process
     High blood pressure
     Low blood pressure
     Brain wave pattern (balance hemispheres)
     Breast esteem - valuing Self as a Female
     Bronchial irritation
     Business pressure
     Carpal tunnel syndrome
     Cartilage in the arms and shoulders
     Cartilage in the knees and feet
     Chemical imbalance
     Chronic headache
     Nicotine craving
     Cleansing emotional confusion
     Cleansing mental confusion
     Cold preventative
     Cold remedy
     Cranial adjustment
     Early onset dementia
     Emotional abuse
     Emotional liability
     Endocrine system
     Poison ivy
     Poison oak & sumac
     Pollution protection
     Premenstrual syndrome
     Regularise erratic lifestyle
     Repetitive strain injury
     Respiratory distress
     Restless leg syndrome
     Scleroderma morphea
     Sicle cell anemia
     Skin relief
     Sleep apnea
     Sore throat
     Sports injuries
     Stimulating the healing response
     Stomach flu
     Stomach ulcers
     Sudden high fever
     Teeth and gums

Shared dowsing chart by agni, the 12/21/2020 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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