Ham radio general band plan

Ham radio general band plan

HAM radio band plans for Technician and General level certification and licenses.

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General Name     General Amateur Radio Bands (Plus all Technician bands)
General Bands     10 M 28.0-28.3MHz RTTY,Data/ 28.3-29.7MHz
     12 M 24.89-24.93MHz RTTY,Data/ 24.93-24.99MHz
     15 M 21.025-21.200MHz RTTY,Data/ 21.275-21.450MHz
     17 M 18.068-18.110MHz RTTY, Data/ 18.110- 18.168MHz
     20 M 14.025-14.15 RTTY,Data/ 14.225-14.35MHz
     30 M 10.1-10.15 MHz RTTY,Data only
     40M 7.025-7.125 MHz RTTY,Data/ 7.175-7.3MHz
     60 M 5.3 MHz 5330.5-5405 kHz USB Phone,RTTY, CW,Digitals only
     80 M 3.525-3.6 MHz RTTY,Data/ 3.8-4.0 MHz
     160 M 1.8 - 2.0 MHz
     630 M 472-479 kHz 5W EIRP max Alaska/USSR except. 1W
     2200 M 135.7 - 137.8 kHz 1 W EIRP max
Technician Name     Technician Amateur Radio Bands
Technician Bands     23 cm 1240-1300MHz
     33 cm 902-928 MHz
     70 cm 420-450 MHz (446 Nat. Calling)
     1.25 M 219-220MHz FDMFS only/ 222-225MHz
     2 M 144-144.1M CW 144.1-148 MHz
     6 M 50-50.1MHz CW 50.1-54MHz
     10 M 28.0-28.3 CW 28.3-28.5 SSB phone
     15M 21.025-21.2MHz CW only
     40 M 7.025-7.125MHz CW only
     80 M 3.525-3.6 MHz CW only

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