Chart to determine type of accidents, either living or deceased.

Classified in : Dowsing Health Care

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New group 1     Air accident
     Animal handling
     Broken bones
     Chemical accident at home
     Chemical accident at work
     Clumsiness at home
     Clumsiness at work
     Clumsiness while driving
     Construction hazard
     Cooking accident
     Defective product
     Distracted driving
     Distracted machine operation
     Driving recklessness
     Fainting/passing out
     Falling objects
     Falling off something
     Gas heaters
     Gas stove
     Glass-related injuries
     Head-on collusion accident
     Inaccurate decisions at home
     Inaccurate decisions at work
     Inaccurate decisions on the road
     Industrial illness and diseases
     Innocent bystander
     Innocent victim
     Internal injury
     Intersection accident
     Labour recklessness
     Mobile technology
     Not looking before pulling out
     Over exertion
     Poor judgement
     Public transport
     Rear-end accident
     Recklessness at home
     Recklessness at work
     Road accident
     Road construction accident
     Side impact accident
     Sign post
     Spiritual warfare
     Trips and falls
     Vacation accident

Shared dowsing chart by Christopher_Bothma, the 11/29/2021 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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