Fears to Release 2

Fears to Release 2

Identify which Fears need to be faced and Released Now.

Classified in : Health Care

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Group     Fear of the Dark
     Fear of Heights
     Fear of Spiders
     Fear of Insects / Bugs
     Fear of Snakes / Reptiles
     Fear of Closed Spaces
     Fear of Elevators
     Fear of Flying
     Fear of driving on Bridges
     Fear of Car Accidents
     Fear of Being Robbed or Ripped Off
     Roads with steep drop-offs
     Bank Account Hacked
     Your Identity Stolen
     Fear of Losing your Job
     Fear of Losing your Home
     Fear of Dental / Doctor Visits
     Fear of Needles
     Fear of Germs
     Fear of Viruses
     Fear of a Big Disappointment

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