Sharing and create of dowsing / pendulum charts

Easily create and share dowsing / pendulum charts

Time - Millennium BC

To determine millennium BC.

Time - Millennium

To determine millennium AD.

Time - Century

To determine century.

Time - Year in Decade

To determine year in decade.

Time - Day of Month

To determine day in month.

Point of focus in life

Use to pin point where a person focus is.

Time of day

Use to ascertain the time of day

Moon Phase

Use to dowse the moon phase

Life Stage

A chart to define life stage, especially useful for pinpointing the seat of emotions and traumas

Stone Selection

A chart to select te optimal stone. The chart has of my favorite and most useful stones. There is other as a selection so that nothing is left out.


May be used for diet testing anything for it's positve or negative effects.

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