What my pet is saying

What my pet is saying

Updated the ultimate pet communicator.

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New group 1     Ah, I have your attention
     Ah, this is the life!
     Aw, ruffle me please
     Aw, pet me please
     Can I sleep with you?
     Don’t touch me please
     Got anything to nibble?
     Got treats?
     I am happy!
     I am missing you
     I don’t know what possessed me
     I don’t like the food
     I don’t like the visitor
     I feel abused
     I feel aggressive
     I feel ashamed
     I feel like a snack
     I feel nauseated
     I feel neglected
     I feel silly
     I feel threatened
     I feel uncomfortable
     I have passed-on
     I just want to sunbathe
     I love the way you love me!
     I love you!
     I need quiet time
     I need to defecate
     I need to get out
     I need to sleep
     I need your attention
     I want my dinner
     I want to bond with you
     I want your love!
     I was having fun!
     I’ll bite someone!
     I’m bored
     I’m cold
     I’m fine, really
     I’m held by strangers
     I’m hungry
     I’m in a lot of pain!
     I’m incarcerated at the welfare
     I’m just chilling
     I’m lost
     I’m sick
     I’m so excited
     I’m sterilised!
     I’m stuck somewhere
     I’m thirsty
     I’m unable to give love
     I’m unable to receive love
     It wasn’t me!
     Let go of me
     Let us bond now
     Let’s get lost in love
     Let’s go for a walk
     No trespassers!
     Please play with me?
     Please spend time with me?
     Shall we snuggle?
     Something bothers me
     Sterilisation affected my health
     There are spirits here
     What’s up?
     Why have you mutilated me?
     You are irritating me
     You're my best friend
     You're puurfect!
     You're the best!

Shared dowsing chart by Chris_Bothma, the 11/21/2022 -  Licence CC BY

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