T13 Agricola

T13 Agricola

Classified in : Naturopathy Health Care

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Group     Ag-Homeopathy (Maute)
     Acidum acetylsalicylicum
     Aconitum napellus
     Actaea racemosa
     Allium cepa
     Arnica montana
     Arsenicum album
     Bombyx processionea
     Bufo cinereus
     Calcarea carbonica
     Calendula officinalis
     Camphora officinarum
     Cantharis vesicatoria
     Carbo vegetabilis
     China officinalis
     Coccinella septempunctata
     Cuprum metallicum
     Gelsemium sempervirens
     Helix tosta
     Ignatia amara
     Kali Phos
     Lycopodium clavatum
     Magnesia carbonica
     Magnesia muriatica
     Magnesia phosphorica
     Manganum metallicum
     Mentha peperita
     Mentha pulegium
     Natrum carbonicum
     Natrum muriaticum
     Natrum sulphuricum
     Nux vomica
     Pulsatilla nigricans
     Rhus toxicodendron
     Ricinis communis
     Sambucus nigra
     Solidago virga-aureus
     Tanacetum vulgare
     Thuja occidentalis
     Zincum metallicum
     Other tissue salts...
New group 1     Ag Soil
     Normalise Function of...
     ...top soil macrofauna
     ...top soil organisms
     ...top soil megafauna
     ...top soil mesofauna
     ...top soil microfauna
     ...top soil mico-organisms
     ...moisture of top soil
     ...fertility of top soil
     ...top soil structure
     ...porosity of top soil
     ...air circulation of top soil
     ...unbene. effects of pesticides
New group 2     Biodynamics
     BD 500
     BD 501
     BD 502
     BD 503
     BD 504
     BD 506
     BD 507
      BD 508
     S-to-S H.C.
     Summer H.C.
     Winter H.C.
     Fall-to-Fall H.C.
     3 Kings

Shared dowsing chart by Kizza88, the 07/10/2024 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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