Generational curses, hexes & jinxes

Generational curses, hexes & jinxes

Identify the generational curses, hexes and jinxes

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New group 1     Burdened leadership responsibilities
     Emotional suppression by calcitonin hormone issues
     Feeling victimised by lack of fructose
     Financial instability by brain health issues
     Guilty consciousness by chemical poison
     Insignificance & lack of boundaries by brain health issues
     Lack of emotional intelligence by tri-iodothyronine hormone issues
     Unaware of individuality by cushing disease (hormonal imbalance)
     Lack of motivation by negative extraterrestrial chords
     Spiritual unwellness by cortisol hormone
     Lack of compassion by testosterone hormone
     Resistance to change by psychological blockage
     Infertility by muscular system
     Dishonesty by respiratory mucus system
     Financial instability by testicles & sacral chakra blockage
     Financial instability by ovaries & sacral chakra blockage
     Feeling victimised by sending noctiphobia spell
     Burdened responsibility by sending diabetics spell
     Inflated ego by sending negative energetic chords spell
     Lack of confidence by sending negative energetic hooks spell

Shared dowsing chart by Christopher_Bothma, the 12/28/2021 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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