Negative Cognitions

Negative Cognitions

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Group     I’m not good enough
     I don’t deserve love
     I’m a bad person
     I am incompetent
     I’m worthless/inadequate
     I am shameful
     I am not lovable
     I deserve only bad things
     I am permanently damaged
     I am stupid/not smart enough
     I am insignificant/unimportant
     I am a disappointment
     I deserve to die
     I am ugly/my body is hateful
     I do not deserve...
     I deserve to be miserable
     I am different/don’t belong
     I have to be perfect (inadequacy)
     I should have done something
     I did something wrong
     I should have known better
     I am weak
     I cannot trust anyone
     I cannot protect myself
     I am in danger
     I am not safe
     I am going to die
     It’s not safe to feel/show my emotions
     I am not in control
     I am powerless/helpless
     I cannot get what I want
     I cannot stand up for myself
     I cannot let it out
     I cannot be trusted
     I cannot trust myself
     I cannot trust my judgement
     I cannot succeed
     I have to be perfect
     I cannot handle it

Shared dowsing chart by svarupa, the 08/17/2021 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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