Higher chakra blocks

Higher chakra blocks

Blocks and issues grouped pertaining to chakras

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New group 1     HEART CHAKRA
Group     Arrogance
     Conscious issues
     Creative block
     Emotional insecurity
     Feeling insignificant
     Ignorance of the Divine within
     Lack of compassion
     Overly empathic
     Perceiving separation
     Resistant to appreciation
     Resistant to generosity
     Resistant to joy
     Resistant to love
     Attachment issues
     Conglomeration of spells
     Hanging onto the past
     Harbouring negative emotions
     Holding grudges
     Holding onto expectations
     Ignorance of spirituality
     Inflated ego
     Lack of acceptance
     Lack of authenticity
     Lack of common sense
     Lack of mindfulness
     Lack of self-expression
     Neg. energetic chords & hooks
     Negative implants
     Past lives traumas
     Possession by spirits
     Resistant to help
     Resistant to vulnerability
     Generational curses
     Lack of faith
     Lack of integrity
     Lack of mental clarity
     Not connected to intuition
     Not connecting with guides
     Not in touch with purpose
     Overly questioning
     Poor self-esteem
     Subconscious issues
     Ignorant of dreams
     Lack of concentration/focus
     Lack of creativity
     Psychological insecurity
     Repressed mindset
     Resistant to new ideas

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