Crystal healing 1

Crystal healing 1

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Group     Cuprite - female power
     Pyrite - male power
     Hematite Manifest light
     Black tourmaline - Purify
     Obsidian - Protection
     Ruby - Life force
     Bloodstone - Courage
     Garnet - Prosperity
     Smoky Q.- Grounding
     Petrified wood - Beginnings
     Zincite - creation
     Sunstone - leadership
     Citrine - manifestation
     Carnelian - action
     Malachite - will
     Calcite - spontaneity
     Rhodochrosite - child within
     Rhodonite - talents
     Golden topaz - intent
     Tiger eye - Balance
     Rose Q. - love
     Aventurine - growth
     Dioptase - forgiveness
     Larimar - nurture
     Chrysocolla - sacred sounds

Shared dowsing chart by Well-being Energetics, the 03/13/2022 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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