Universal switch words 1

Universal switch words 1

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Words     ACTUAR - “To be a good speaker”
     AGREGAR - “To increase; to boost what you have”
     AJUSTAR - “deal with an unpleasant situation effectively”
     SOLA-SOLO to promote healing
     ALREDEDOR better perspective
     ATENCIÓN “pay attention to detail”
     ENTRE discover/boost psychic ability
     SER good health / peace of mind
     BLUFF “reduce or dispel anxiety, fear or nervousness”
     CANCELAR any unwanted condition
     CUIDAR “o remember; to retain information”
     CAMBIAR anything else unwanted
     RISITA “personal confidence; to turn on personality”
     CLÁSICO appear cultured
     CONTINUAR “increase endurance; to swim”
     CONSIDERAR to diagnose
     COPIAR “have good taste; to boost fertility”
     CONTAR “make money; to cut down smoking”
     CUBRIR “subdue excitement; to calm nerves”
     MULTITUD “get your children to follow orders”
     CURVA make beautiful / self-esteem
     CORTAR “moderate behaviour; to curb excesses”
     DIVINO “work miracles; to enhance your strengths”
     HACER beat procrastination
     HECHO “meet a deadline; to boost willpower”
     ABAJO “humility; to stop bragging”
     AGACHADO reduce hypersensitivity
     VENIR “turn a setback to your advantage”
     PELEA “win in a competition”
     ENCUENTRA “To amass a fortune”
     PARA To promote
     SIEMPRE - PARA SIEMPRE keep a secret
     RISITA “get in the mood for writing”
     DAR “sell and to be generous; to be a helper”
     GUARDIA “protect personal space or property”
     HO sigh; to relax
     SOSTENER “maximise positive character traits”
     AGUJERO “boost charisma; to be attractive”
     JUEZ improve understanding
     APRENDER “instant youthful attitude and appearance”
     ESCUCHAR predict the future
     MAGNANIMIDAD “generosity; to stop petty attitudes”
     MOVER sudden energy
     SIGUIENTE “complete a detailed, repetitive task”
     AHORA beat procrastination
     ENCHUFADO ‘green-light’ Switchword
     PERSONAL To publish a successfully
     POSPONER stop a sulk
     FELICITAR “make yourself like your body”
     PONER build or develop
     ALCANZAR to find
     INVERTIR to move on
     RIDICULO promote successfully
     AHORRAR - SALVAR stop drinking
     SISTEMA “design; to advertise; to produce”
     MOSTRAR be sincere
     DESPACIO “have patience and wisdom”
     SONRISA smile
     SOFISTICAR increase success
     GASTAR “dress well; to improve appearance”
     EXTENDER “sustain a good feeling” “prolong a winning streak”
     EXPERIMENTAR “manage success and prosperity”
     DULCE calming influence
     BALANCEAR “courage; to confront a situation”
     GIRAR relieve constipation
     TOMAR - ASUMIR cultivate leadership
     PULSAR - PINCHAR “convert or persuade someone”
     GRACIAS “stop regretting the past”
     PEQUEÑITO “be kind, polite and considerate”
     JUNTOS - JUNTO “brings whatever you want”
     MAÑANA stop remorse
     TÍO “retain sense of self during feeling a negative influence
     ARRIBA confidence
     ESPERAR - ESPERA learn a secret
     DERROCHAR appear wealthy
     VER - OBSERVAR learn a skill
     APAGADO sleep or break a bad habit; the ‘quit’ Switch”
     CON “compatibility; to get on with other people”

Shared dowsing chart by ladeloschakras, the 11/29/2021 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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