Family Relationships

Family Relationships

Family Relationships that affect our love and fear.

Classified in : Dowsing

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Family Members     Son
     Birth Mother
     Birth Father
     Grand Father
     Grand Mother
     Blood Brother
     Blood Sister
     Male Cousin
     Female Cousin
     Mothers Brother
     Mothers Sister
     Fathers Brother
     Fathers Sister
     Grand Son
     Grand Daughter
     Great Grand Child
     Great Grand Parent
     Extended Grand Parent
     Extended Uncle
     Extended Aunt
     Extended Cousin
     Adopted Family Member
Time     Past
     1st Generation
     2nd Gen
     3rd Gen
     4th Gen
     5th Gen
     6th Gen
     7th Gen

Shared dowsing chart by Mavrikmanna, the 09/26/2021 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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