My Moons 2022

My Moons 2022

Cancer rising 2022 Moons

Classified in : Dowsing

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New Moons     NM27 Aug
     NM28 July
     NM 29 June
     NM 30 May
     NM 30 April S.ECL
     NM 1 April
     NM 2 March
     NM 1 Feb
     NM 2 Jan / 23 Dec
     NM 23 Nov
     NM 25 Oct S.ECL
     NM 25 Sep
Full Moons     FM 18 Mar
     FM 16 Feb
     FM17 Jan
     FM 8 Dec
     FM 8 Nov L.ECL
     FM 09 Oct
     FM 10 Sep
     FM 12 Aug
     FM 13 Jul
     FM 14 Jun
     FM 16 May L.ECL
     FM 16 Apr
Signs     Virgo
House meanings     Comms neighbours siblings quick trips early Ed. learning
     Possessions Property Values inc self cash
     Appearance image self ID How others see me
     Deep dark spirituality ennemies secrets undoing hidden fears
     Networks friends social circles hopes wishes
     Impact on world reputation career ambitions
     H learning travel quests religion dreams www
     Joint finances inheritance transformation CC, debt sex, taboos
     Open ennemies Lovers spouse ex partners cooperation competition
     Daily routines for work health duty
     Love affairs romance creativity pleasure kids
     Where I belong all things home family the past
Wishes for signs     Get more organised
     Dazzle the world
     Wish for Home and Family
     Commit to better communication
     Wish for money
     Have guts to go for goals Appearance
     Get Closer to the Divine Intuition
     Wish for humanity, friends social life
     Career focus
     Adventure travel study
     Better sex More money
     Relationships romance
Houses     3

Shared dowsing chart by TerraLunaInti, the 01/17/2022 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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