Bovis Life Force Bioenergy Units

Bovis Life Force Bioenergy Units

Expanded Scale 1,000,000 Unit Bovis Life Force Biometer, (K=1000)

Classified in : Dowsing

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Gruppo     18K BOVIS LIMIT
     19K Crystal Skulls, (Original 13)
     20K Great Pyramid, Silver, Andromeda
     21K Alpha Centurians
     22K Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians, Anunnaki, Gold, H.H. Dalai Lama
     23K Ascended Masters, Orbs
     24K Atlanteans, Lyrans
     25K Peak Natural Human, Bovis, Lemurians
     26K Kunzite Photon Ring
     27K Kyanite Photon Ring
     28K Sirian Ascended Masters
     29K Star Sirius
     30K Aurigans, (12th Dimension)
     40K Himalayas
     50K Mt. Kailash, Tibet
     100K Lyrian Exalted Masters, Puma Punku
     250K Atlantis Crystal
     500K Photon IX Crystal
     Cancer, Negative ET 1K
     Nuclear Radiation, Implant 1.5K
     H.A.A.R.P. Radiation 2K
     Negative Thought Form, Entity 2.5K
     Cell Phone Radiation, GMO 3K
     Chem-Trails 4K
     Computer 4.5K
     Mocrowave Oven 5K
     A Sick Person 5.5K
     Very Tired Person 6K
     BOVIS Neutral Reference A Tired Person 6.5K
     Borderline 7K
     Person in Fair Health 8K
     Person in Average Health 9K
     Person in Good Health 10K
     Church Bell 11K
     Stonehenge 12K
     Positive Thought Form 13K
     Tibetan Temple 14K
     Pyschic Healing 15K
     Emoto Water - Love, Protection Blend 16K
     Nature Spirits, Crop Circles, Labytinths 17K

Shared dowsing chart by Franzphone, the 09/23/2022 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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