Lower chakra blocks

Lower chakra blocks

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New group 1     ROOT CHAKRA
Group     Addiction, cravings & habits
     Discarnate souls possession
     Disconnection from the Earth
     Extraterrestrial chords
     Fear of growth, independence
     Feeling defeated
     Feeling guilty
     Feeling isolated
     Feeling responsible for others
     Feeling victimised
     HI (Conglomeration of spells)
     Lack of boundaries
     Overly sexual
     Feeling inferior
     Financial instability
     Ignorance of self potential
     Overly exerts oneself
     Poor health
     Poor self-discipline
     Resistant to change
     Resistant to pleasure
     Repressed desires
     Repressed intimacy, sexuality
     Self consciousnesses
     Self pity
     Self worthlessness
     Spirits' persistent to communicate
     Emotional intelligence
     Home longing
     Ignorant of individuality
     Inability to go with the flow
     Inability to see abundance
     Inability to surrender
     Inflated ego
     Lack of confidence
     Lack of creativity
     Lacks self discipline
     Overly empathic
     Poor health
     Poor self image
     Self worthlessness
     Soul fragmentation
     Too compromising
     Withholding emotions

Shared dowsing chart by Christopher_Bothma, the 09/26/2021 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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