Major Universal Dimensional Chakras Aura Levels

Major Universal Dimensional Chakras Aura Levels

Major & Universal Chakras

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Wheel Chart Title     Major Universal 4th 5th Dimension Chakras & Aura Levels
Major Chakras     Foot
     Meng Mein
     Front Solar Plexus
     Solar Plexus
     Back Solar Plexus
     Major Chakras
     Front Spleen
     Back Spleen
     Front Heart
     Back Heart
     Third Eye
Universal Chakras     Galactic
     Divine Gateway
     Earth Star
     Universal Chakras
     Soul Star
4th Dimension     SeaFoam Green
     Blue Green
     Pink Orange
     4th Dimension Chakras
     Shimmering Gold
     Violet Pink
     Deep Blue Violet
     Light Golden White
5th Dimension     Light Violet White
     Multi White
     Pink Gold
     5th Dimension Chakras
     Violet Gold
     Blue Gold
Aura Levels     1 Etheric
     2 Emotional
     3 Mental
     4 Astral
     Aura Levels
     5 Template
     6 Celestial
     7 Causal

Shared dowsing chart by ksperanza, the 02/06/2021 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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