Lower Chakra Blocks

Lower Chakra Blocks

Causes of Lower Chakra Blocks

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Causes of Blocks     Body Image
     Poor Health
     Uncomfortable Home
     Missing Home
     Not Feeling Safe
     No Sense of Belonging
     Not Grounded
     Not Connected to Earth
     Overly Empathetic
     Lack of Trust
     Clinging to the Past
     Financial Instability
     Doesn't See Abundance
     Lack of Creativity
     Repressed Desires
     Unaware of Individuality
     Unable to go with the Flow
     Holding Emotions Back
     Lack of Emotional Intelligence
     Resists Pleasure
     Resists Change
     Lack of Hobbies
     Unable to Surrender
     Feels Guilty
     Sexuality Repressed
     Overly Sexual
     Addictions / Cravings / Habits
     Poor Self Discipline, Determination
     Plays Small
     Lacks Boundaries
     Fails to see One's Potential
     Lacks Confidence
     Fears Growth, Independence
     Feels Responsible for Others
     Pity / Victimized
     Over Active Ego / Aggressive
     Overly Exerts Oneself
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Shared dowsing chart by DolceBloom, the 12/28/2021 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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