Natural Chart 2021

Natural Chart 2021


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Ruler     Mercury / Air / Mutable May 21- Jun 20 - Gemini
     Venus / Earth / Fixed Apr 20 - May 20 - Taurus
     Mars / Fire / Cardinal Mar 21- Apr 19 - Aries
     Neptune / Water / Mutable Feb 19 - Mar 20 - Pisces
     Uranus / Air / Fixed Jan 20 - Feb 18 - Aquarius
     Saturn / Earth / Cardinal Dec 22 - Jan 19 - Capricorn
     Jupiter / Fire / Mutable Nov 22 - Dec 21 Sagittarius
     Pluto / Water / Fixed Oct 23 - Nov 21 - Scorpio
     Venus / Air / Cardinal Sept 23 - Oct 22 - Libra
     Mercury / Earth / Mutable Aug 23 - Sept 22 - Virgo
     Sun / Fire / Fixed Jul 23 - Aug 22 - Leo
     Moon / Water / Cardinal Jun 21 - Jul 22 - Cancer
Sign     Early learning, Siblings, Relatives, Day to day Communication, Social activities, Community, Conscious mind, Interests, Short trips, Logic + memory, Lungs, Arms, Shoulders, Hands
     Values, Self worth, Money, Daily routine, Habits, Possessions, Property, Earning ability, Work ethic, The daily things we do to make money, Self-worth, financial prospects, Throat, Neck, Thyroid
     Self, Self image, Ego, Identity, Physical appearance, First impressions, Approach to life, Physical energy, Sport Head, Face, Muscles, Blood, Adrenals
     Spirit, Religion, Magic, Intuition, Transcendental experience, Belief, Illusion, Delusion, Subconscious, Sacrifice, Compassion, Institutions, Isolation, Feet, Lymph
     Intuition, Utopias, Humanitarianism, Groups for Social Change Collective consciousness, Ancient wisdom, Modern technology, Social Media Ankles, Minor circulation
     Ambition, Responsibility, Reputation, Public image, Career, Politics, Government, Authority, Masculine identification, Bones, Knees, Skin
     Higher mind, Higher education, Global thought, Philosophy, Religion, Ethics, Justice, Law Sports, Animals, Pituitary gland, Liver, Hips & Thighs
     Transformation, Death & rebirth, Sex, Taboo, Secrets, The occult, Anything hidden, Shared finances, Inheritance, Taxes Joint ventures, In-Laws, Sexual organs, Endocrine system, Genito urinary tract
     Primary relationships, Marriage, Partnerships in love or business, Interpersonal style, Ability to relate, Enemies, Kidney's, Bladder
     Health, Healing, Hygiene, Nutrition, Helpfulness, Critical analytic thought, Vocation, Dedication, Service, Daily work, Work habits, Work relationships, Sm intestine, Bowels, Abdomen Legs, Veins
     Romance, Love affairs, Pleasure, Inner child, Play, Joy, Close friendships, Drama, Acting, Creative expression, Children as creation, Older kids, Pets Heart, Major Circulation, Thoracic back
     Home, Young children, Babies, Family, Parents, Emotional foundations, Security, Nationalism, Nurturing, Feminine identification, Breasts, Uterus, Stomach
House No     3
Name     Created for you by Sharon Lindner and Nancy Evelyn in 2021

Shared dowsing chart by sharonherbalist, the 01/10/2021 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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