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Days     1
Elements     0
TÌNH TRẠNG      I did not expect to fall in love...But I did
     I'm with someone else but will choose you only
     I want you in my life
     I am travelling will want to Marry you
     I want to contact you but I'm scared to show my feeling
     I saw you, I want to talk to you, but I am scared
     I am thinking of you 24/7
     I shall return to you soon
     A BIG YES
     I always indirectly want to send signal to you
     I am awaiting to receive your message
     Please ask to MARRY ME!
     I can't wait to meet you again
     I already miss you
     I always awaiting your text message
     I was just trying to make you jealous
Years     Q3-2024
Months     Apr
Yes No     YES

Shared dowsing chart by Sota2023, the 06/14/2024 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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