Seduction archetypes

Seduction archetypes

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New group 1     Dominate Lover Archetypes
     Secondary Lover Archtypes
     Robert Greene " Art Of Seduction List"
New group 1     The Lover
     The Sage
     The Huntress
     The Mystic
     The Queen
     The Mother
     The Maiden
     The Boss
     The Coquette
     The Enigma
     The Empress
     The Lady
     The Gamine
     Anal canal/Anus
     Nasal Cavity
     The Siren
     The Rake
     The Ideal Lover
     The Dandy
     The Natural
     The Coquette
     The Charmer
     The Charismatic
     The Star
New group 2     0

Shared dowsing chart by Scarter1994, the 04/11/2023 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

To discover

Find Lost Items

To help find lost, miss placed or stolen items.


Protection against Ghosts / Jinns / Evil Spirits

Psychic abilities

Updated the chart once again to include "Magician".

How is my pet?

More useful for dogs, and cats. For example, I've found that if my dog has eaten something bad, or had an encounter with a toxic toad/frog, a bowl of milk might help.

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