Kundalini  rising types

Kundalini rising types

A few of the types of kundalini rising one may encounter.

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Title     πŸ‰ Shakti Kundalini Rising Types πŸ‰
The Types     πŸ Kundalini Origin in Root Chakra, Pelvic region
     πŸ Kundalini Origin in Navel Chakra, Abdominal region
     Dormant No Rising
     Kundalini Stirring
     Kundalini Arousal
     Kundalini Release
     Deflected Rising (Vajra and Saraswati nadis)
     Kundalini rose than receded Facing downwards
     Kundalini rose than receded Facing upwards
     Faux Full Rising (Upper Sankhini nadi)
     Kundalini Partial Rising (in Shushumna Nadi to Heart)
     Intermediate Rising (Sushumna to Throat or Lower Ajna)
     Full Rising (at Makara point)
     Upper Process Routes (goes through Sahasrara/1000 PL)
     Complete Process (Pinnacle at Bindu) (After Makara and before Bindu)
     Bindu direct from Muladhara
     Kaula Marga Vajra Diversion Process
     Plateau (Samadhi Experiences; Advanced Process)
     Omega (Liberation, Turia, π˜”π˜°π˜¬π˜΄π˜©π˜’)
Kundalini Types     πŸ Shiva/Para Kundalini
     πŸ Nara/Chit Kundalini
     πŸ Shakti/Prana Kundalini
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Shared dowsing chart by Mavrikmanna, the 05/28/2023 -  Licence CC Attribution-NonCommercial

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